Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning on the Coral CoastContact Coral Coast Airconditioning and Refrigeration to see our comprehensive range of domestic and commercial air conditioners that provide superior comfort and efficiency to any sized building or space.

From a small apartment to a multi-storey building, Coral Coast AirConditioning have the air conditioning solution. Whether it be a Split System, Multi Split System, Ducted, Solar Airconditioning or Commercial.

Research and development in the areas of mechanics, electronics and chemicals, enables our suppliers to select components that will work seamlessly together, giving you an air conditioning system of the highest quality and reliability.

Here at Coral Coast Airconditioning we are very much aware that the state-of-the-art management control and monitoring systems provide added energy efficiency, improved maintenance and cost reduction for any commercial air conditioning installation.



  • Get the right size air conditioner for your homeWhen buying an air conditioner, it’s very important to seek expert advice. At Coral Coast AirCon we will devote the time and effort to ensure you choose the right air conditioner for your individual needs.
  •  Professional installation – As a Daikin Specialist Dealer we can offer you one great price covering the cost of the air conditioner plus installation. We will make sure, whatever air conditioner you select is professionally installed so it works quietly and efficiently
  •  Noise level considerationsIt’s very important to consider the noise level of an air conditioner whether it is inside or outside. Noise level should be minimal so that the indoor and outdoor unit doesn’t disturb anyone.
  •  Energy efficiencyDaikin’s advanced and innovative technology ensures your air conditioner is one of the most energy efficient units available. Coral Coast AirConditioning will ensure you choose the most energy efficient air conditioner for your individual needs.
  •  Certified operation in extremesWhen climatic conditions are extreme, either at their coldest or at their hottest, that’s when you need your air conditioner the most. So when it’s really cold, you’re really warm and when it’s uncomfortably hot, you’re comfortably cool. Inverter models are very reliable even when temperatures are extreme. A Daikin Air Conditioner is certified to operate when temperatures soar as high as 46°C (cooling) or fall as low as minus 10°C (heating).

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