Multi Split System

Daikin’s Super Multi PLUS E series is connectable to up to 9 indoor units and offers you a richer choice of indoor units to coordinate with each room décor. Advanced technology from Daikin has achieved a high COP and low sound level to suit today’s modern living environment.

Main Features of Daikin’s Super Multi Plus

Wide range of outdoor units

3 models of outdoor units are available in the wide range of
11.2, 14 and 15.5 kW classes. A maximum of 9* indoor units
can be connected.
* Combination is possible with 15.5 kW class outdoor unit and 2.0 kW class indoor units.

Wide variety of indoor units

32 models of indoor units grouped into 7 types (heat pump)—ceiling-mounted cassette, ceiling-mounted built-in, ceiling-suspended, duct-connected, wall-mounted, floor-standing, and floor/ceiling-suspended dual types—provide a wide range of options for interior coordination.

High energy savings

The newly improved scroll compressor, DC inverter and DC fan motor
technologies realise further energy savings, achieving high COP values. Quiet operation
Latest technologies and features achieve the quiet sound level of 43 dB during night quiet mode operation for outdoor units, realising comfortable operation.

Great flexibility in installation

Long piping lengths of 145 m for the 15.5 kW class outdoor unit and simplified wiring reduce restrictions on the installation position, while the improved BP unit is easier to disassemble, making repairing and recycling simpler.